To the guy who:

You’ve all seen them: those fabulous candid/not so candid Instagram pictures, right? Have you ever thought to yourself WHO TOOK THIS? Literally, who is standing there with a camera while you’re like

get a picture of me looking away gazing off into the sunset, but not smiling, just gazing, and not looking at the camera, don’t get me looking at the camera, just be candid about it

Um yeah okay…

I’ve got the answer for you: it’s their husband! Seriously yall, I love Beyonce and she was damn right when she asked who run the world? GIRLS!

But sometimes we need to give a little credit to the men in our lives: the guy actually taking the pictures that get us hundreds of likes.

To my wonderful guy, who:
– Tossed a pile of cash at me and said “go” when I complained a flight was too expensive

– Prepared a weeks worth of salads so I could get home and jump back into eating healthy

– Bought me a pillow infinity scarf so I could be more comfortable on long flights

– Surprised me with a gold bracelet that says “world traveler” when I got home

– Pre-ordered extra protein bars for me so I’d have healthy snacks on the plane

– Spent hours helping me research GoPros so I could take video of my adventures

– Dropped me off at the airport at 5am so I could be there 2 hours before my international flight

– Picked me up at the airport at 11pm on a work night because I wanted to spend an extra day abroad

– Woke up early to drive me to work on Monday morning because I left my car there over the weekend while I was gone

– Bought me a Fitbit so I could track how many steps I took backpacking

– Bought me extra thick wool socks and a thermal vest so I wouldn’t get cold traveling in the winter

– Tolerated me trying on over a dozen backpacks, then ordering (and returning) 11 of those to make sure I got the right fit and all the pockets and features I wanted

– Let me borrow his NorthFace fleece sweater all while knowing he’d never get it back

– Plays cat dad every single weekend

– Carries my suitcase to my car because I over-pack and that thing is heavy as heck

– Spent all Sunday cleaning so I would come home to a clean house

– Did 5 loads of laundry in a day so my favorite work pants would be clean for Monday


It’s because of you I get to travel the world. It’s because of you I can leave with no worries, knowing everything at home will be taken care of. You make it all possible.


FINALLY, I am so excited to adventure together!ย But for now I’ve got to go pack my Sorels because we have a 5am flight to ICELAND baby. See ya!

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