Tinder Episode 3

Now this is one thing I have mixed feelings about. I like cute dogs and I like cute boys, but there is a very fine line when it becomes an obsession.

I went on a date with a guy who literally called his dog his DAUGHTER. Not child, not baby… DAUGHTER. There was just something weird about this guy saying “my daughter” and referring to his dog.

Ladies – where do we draw the line?

Sure, some people think that guys with dogs are more responsible and have their lives together. UM HELLO. Has anyone ever been to college? I knew guys that kept their dog in frat houses and fed him table scraps and beer until the dog eventually ran away and it wasn’t their problem anymore. What was that you said about dogs and responsibility again?

Here’s the things. I’ve been tindering lately (it’s spring training, duh) and the amount of guys whose profiles are more about their dogs than them is crazy! I’m sorry I’m trying to date you not your dog. And event worse, if you think your cute dog is going to makeup for your lack of cuteness you have got some things to learn my friend.

Heres my new rule: if 3 or more of your tinder pictures has a dog or is of ONLY a dog (yes this happens) its an auto-left. Don’t care how funny your bio is, or how hot you may be it’s still going to be a left. 3 or more = obsession.

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