Tinder Episode 2

Bromance noun: describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

Basically a bromance is the guys version of a girl and her bestie, and they definitely act like besties. There is just something weird about your boyfriend going toย dinner and a movie with his bro, instead of you, onย a Friday night #ManDate.

Now don’t get me wrong: I love a guys-guy, and I love guys that have a great group of friends even more. But the bromance takes it one step farther. These bros buy each other presents, go to the gym together, and even cook dinner for each other!

Ladies! Where do we draw the line? Let me tell you: Nick and Chad are getting very close to that line! They’re looking for an interesting girl to date THEM. THEM. As in both of THEM. They clearly enjoy cuddling (shirtless) in bed, and seem to be staring off into each others eyes.

Here’s my question: if you date Nick and Chad would they let you sleep in the middle or push you to the end?


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