I recently made a quick day trip to Africa and finally figured out where all cats go when they run away from their homes: Tangier, Morocco. No but seriously. Morocco is filled with street cats. They sit on park benches, climb trees, hangout in alleys and even just chill in random stores. If you like cats you need to visit Morocco. While in Africa, I spent most my time feeding these stray cats and praying that I didn’t get rabies.


When people say they hate cats I literally roll my eyes. Seriously stop. Yes maybe some cats suck (sorry Brooke, but Piper went through some rough teenage years), but my cat does not.

This is Tilly: sometimes she has fur, and sometimes she doesn’t. When Tilly was little she ate some trip-twist and now she’s a little monster. She comes when you call her, likes to eat McDonald’s hash-browns, and is a 5lb miniature himalayan persian. Basically she’s the cat form of me #awesome. Also I paid $600 for her and flew her all the way from Northern California so she damn well better have been worth it.


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