The High Life

What is it like flying first class you ask? one word: ENJOYABLE.

For those of you that have not flown first class I’m going to give you a little peak into my life.

First, let’s start with arriving at the airport. Unless your concierge key status and the airline picks you up (this is my dream) then Uber if your best friend. I always arrive at the airport about 1 hour early. Head straight to security because you were prepared and already got your boarding pass online. Also, you packed light and only have carry on bags. Another bonus!

At security walk right past all the moms with strollers, babies crying, girls carrying twelve purses, and head towards the TSA pre-check line. You, my friend, are priority. TSA pre-check is the best thing ever. You can keep your shoes on and all liquids and computers can stay in your bag. Plus, it’s just a known fact that anyone with pre-check is a regular traveler, so they’ve got it together.

After security it’s time for your first of many cocktails… head straight to the admirals club. Once inside, I suggest filling your plate with hummus, pita, and veggies for a little snack. They even have chocolate chip cookies and brownies if you’re feeling a little cheat day coming up. Enjoy your time in the admirals club because there is no rush to your gate. Every seat at the club is like a large comfy Lay-Z-Boy with a personal cell phone charger close by.

About 10min before boarding you should head to your gate. The goal here is to time it just right where you leave the club, and walk right on the plane. If you have to stop and stand or wait in the general peasant area, you’re doing it wrong. First class passengers are the first ones on the plane so sit down relax and order a champagne. Oh yea, in first class it’s free booze baby.

So now that you’re seated and sipping champs it’s time to enjoy your flight. Of course your baggage is in the overhead bin above you, because in first class you have your own guaranteed space. Even your purse has space in the overhead bin because in your first class seat you don’t need your headphones or snacks.

Now, let’s take a look around your seat and get you all settled in.

  1. Open up the Cole-Haan amenity kit and put on the provided socks.
  2. Remove the headphone cover and place them over the Bose earphone… because other people’s ear wax. GROSS!
  3. Plug in your iPhone to the USB charger to make sure you’ll land at 100%.
  4. Take off your shoes and slide into the slippers provided. Bonus if you’re also provided pajamas.
  5. Set up the Casper lumbar support pillow and get comfortable!
  6. Put on the latest movie and ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT. YOU ARE NOW READY FOR TAKEOFF!

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