The Bible

But seriously… this book by The Betches (not to be confused with bitches #Duh) is the babe bible. I own 6 separate copies: one for my house, car, office, gym bag, purse, and of course a digital copy that is always available on my ipad. If the betches have taught us anythings it’s this:

#DontBeEasy     #DontBePoor     #DontBeUgly



For all you nice girls reading this blog, here’s a little teaser for ya:

The Pregame: Getting Blackout in Peace

Being an alcoholic of Chelsea Handler proportions, you’ll be able to find an excuse to pregame pretty much anything. Besides major events like birthdays, tailgates, dates, and clubbing, short of taking the LSATs and going to our first day of work, it’s basically man- datory that we get fucked up before any and all activities. For all the drinking we write about, the pregame is the only part we can be sure we’re describing accurately, and even that doesn’t include the end. OMG, I can’t even remember leaving the PG! is a common phrase to leave a betch’s mouth. Remember, always bring your A game to the pregame. It’s your responsibility to set an example for others, prove how hard you can rage, and fuck up anyone who tries to get in your way.