Sober Sunday Funday

Last night I went to spring training and the bars after with a group of friends…

Here is the kicker: I’m not drinking 

I never thought I would be the person caught dead Sunday Funday’ing sober with a bunch of drunk idiots hopping form bar to bar and having fun, but truth be told I did. Maybe I was just lucky and had a great group of people, or maybe it was karokee (yes I did karokee sober), or the flowers this guy bought me from one of those little road peddling mexican ladies, but I really had fun being SOBER.

We started the day at Patties. Which I really don’t like. It seems that no one is ever there or if so its the riff-raff. Since I was sober I could actually read the writing on the dollars, and let me tell you, some people are pretty funny. For Free Sexx (two x’s) call 555-555-5555.

After that, we went to spring training for an hour, got bored and over heated, and decided to leave. Surprise surprise I watched little to no baseball. We then went to grape vine where I dominated some sober karokee, but this is where the day started to get sloppy for some of these kids. We had to kick two idiots out of the club and send them home #CantHang. We then went to Patties again, UGH and eventually Coach House – the fact that anyone was there at any other hour than 6am blew my mind. WTF?! I left around 7pm, drove home, made dinner and got in bed at a decent hour.


The best part: NO HANGOVER

I will tell you it was extremely hard to not get a beer at the Giants game, and I was probably ridiculously annoying ordering water with lemon, but it was well worth it. I also spent $0, came home with my credit card and ID, as well as my car keys #Winning


Disclaimer: I’m doing a 10 day cleanse (which will probably turn into a however many day cleanse until Mollie’s bachelorette party), so I’m not not drinking forever, just for now. Claim down El Heffe, I’ll still keep you in business!

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