Sober St. Party’s Day

One of my favorite holidays St. Patrick’s Day AKA St. Party’s Day was yesterday and I didn’t drink. Can you believe it? Can you believe I just said that sentence? Everyone knows how much I love Bud Light (re: I used to work for Bud Light, and I won Whatever, USA and the House of Whatever) but nope not a single green beer. And whiskey, gahhh, none of that either. I even turned down a free shot.


My favorite country singer and good friend Ryan Bexley (calm down Mercer, love ya too!) was playing at Whiskey Row. After rounding up all my pretty friends I decided to go out.

The night started at Wasted Grain, well… we were actually at the wrong bar, so really the night should have started at Boondocks. Crystal was meeting this guy from Tinder and needed a wing-woman so I tagged along. THE DUDE WAS WEARING CARGO SHORTS. KHAKI CARGO SHORTS. so naturally we left and later ended up at Whiskey Row.

Ladies if you weren’t at Whiskey Row for St. Patricks Day you missed out. Every single hot guy within a 5mile radius was at Whiskey Row. I’ve never seen anything like it. I kid you not there must have been a “no ugly men” sign on the front door this night. Good thing I brought my prettiest friends (sorry Mollie!) Adrienne and Taylor with me!


Of course everyone at Whiskey notices how pretty, funny and popular we were and all the baseball and rugby players came up to talk us. This is the point where I turned down a free shot. Bonus point because the guy was hot. We later made our way to Bottled Blonde, and eventually home. Yes, I drove home. Sober.


Anyone wanna go out this weekend? I’ll DD 🙂

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  1. I wasn’t at Whiskey Row for St. Patrick’s Day, so not every hot guy was there. Plus. baseball and rugby players end up beating their girlfriends or getting you pregnant and leaving you with the bill.