Navigating the Tokyo Subway System

… because it’s hard.

While traveling I always have an internal debate with myself rather I should rent a car or just use public transportation. Those who know me know my disdain for public transportation, although I will say traveling has eased that up a bit. Tokyo is a MUCH bigger city then you could ever imagine. In fact (blank) million people live here. You’ll definitely want to use public transportation to get around.


Shibuya Station

  • Have a coffee at the second floor Starbucks that overlooks Shibuya Crossing. We were here on a Tuesday and got a seat at the counter by the glass, but I’ve heard this gets very busy.


Take the subway 1 spot to Harajuku Station

  • The first thing you should do here is see the Meiji Shrine. It’s nestled in a forest, but has a paved path that is easy to walk up. When you visit the shrine make sure to stop and cleanse your hands and mouth at the water station. Use the ladle by splashing water and transferring to the other hand.
  • While at the shrine take a picture by the trees with large wrapped rope, these are sacred trees.
  • Shop on (blank) Street. There are tons of American brands on these street including North Face, Nike, Adidas, and even many higher end brands such as Luis Vuitton, Coach, and Michael Kors.
  • While you’re walking around, keep your eyes peeled for some street art. Harajuku is know for it’s brightly dressed girls, but also for it’s painted walls.
  • Harajuku is also the area where a number of animal cafes is. Rather you want to see cats, rabbits, owls, or hedgehogs, Harajuku has you covered.
  • And last, before you go, get an extra large bag of Garrett’s popcorn for the day. I swear you will not be sorry. Garrett’s is straight out of the Windy City, in fact, I’ve been all over the USA and the world and Tokyo is the only other place I’ve found it. Get the Chicago Mix, it’s half cheese and half carmel corn. But don’t forget your wet nap! That cheese tends to stain your fingers.


Take the subway to the other side of town and get off at Asakusa Station.

  • When you get off the subway head to the Nakamise Shopping Street. This Street is full of tons of shopping options as well as food. It’s the perfect place to pick up your Tokyo gift.
  • Senso ji Shrine
  • Walk over to the SkyTree



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