National Best Friend Day

Since National Best Friend day happened to fall on a Monday – does anyone know if it’s always a Monday or is it always the 8th? I had to take this chance to talk about the three craziest and best friends a girl could have asked for and #ManCrushMonday all at once!

For once, I’m not talking the babes. I KNOW! Shocker right! While I couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies they get plenty of highlight time on this blog #models
Didn’t your momma tell you you’re allowed to have more than one best friend?!
Before the babes came around (don’t get jealous Mollie) I met the three best friends a girl could have possibly asked for. Not only do these guys brighten every single one of my days, they are those guys that never change. No matter how many days we go without talking (I seriously can’t Sunday Funday the way I used to), these guys are always there and always having fun.
The best part about these guys is the number of valuable skills and life lessons they have taught me. From my DJ skills to my beergarita drinking skills these guys have been there every step of the way! They taught me how to wear (and give up) the Captain’s C when necessary. They taught me to never leave a friend passed out in the booth at HiFi. Most importantly, they taught me that friends can turn into family with just one family dinner.

… even Tilly loves these guys


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