If you’ve ever gone out with myself or fellow rager KBam you’ve probably been witness to some of the many shenanigans that take place when we get together. Frequently these shenanigans include stealing inanimate objects, naming them Matila and raging with them.

In Whatever, USA we took life size chess pieces. Naturally, we got the knight (for you idiots, that’s the horse) and rode them around the city.

While the prior Matilda was great (she lives a very happy life in my closet). The Matilda I want to tell you about is a Zebra pinata that was adopted (stolen) form the El Hefe tent at Taco Festival.












After taco festival Matilda took a (much needed) vacation with Cynthia and her pups, and later appeared for the BODI Christmas bar crawl. Matilda was a hit at the party! Everyone loved her!

As the bar crawl kept crawling things began to get a little out of hand (shocker). And Matilda was kicked BY AARON WALDIE (I’ll provide his address and personal information for the hit men later) into on coming traffic. Naturally, my motherly instincts kicked in and I was able to save her from the cars with only a cracked jaw.


^ thats Waldie, Matilda’s death is basically his fault

The next stop was Coach House, who luckily keeps duct tape behind the bar and we are able to save Matilda by taping her head back on her body. She then made it to The King, and was able to continue the crawl until another accident with oncoming traffic caused her fatality. At this point we hung her form the ceiling in The King to honor her memory.

RIP Matilda


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