One of my really pretty friend’s bachelorette party was this past weekend. #HypeGirl and her #HypeCrew got crazy! Feel free to read a recap here but moral of the story is:

If you give Bailey a Saturday Funday, she will want a Sunday Funday to go with it.


Pretty much everything Chingy and Luda said would happen did! Not that I was surprised!

Peeps call me up, said it’s a hotel party
Just bring the liquor there’s already eight shawties (except it was more like 20 of us, I have alot of friends)
I’m on my way let me stop by the store

Whatchu doin? Nothing chillin at the Holiday Inn (but we’re alot calssier, so the W Hotel)

Who You with? Me and my peeps! (Hype Crew)

What we gon do? Feel on each other and sip on some Hen (take a whole bunch of tequila shots and not remember)

There’s some pretty girls in here, I heard ’em whispering
Talking ’bout, “That’s that dude that sing ‘Right Thurr’ he glistening” (re: smoke show guys)
I ain’t come to talk, I ain’t come to sit
What I came for was to find out who I’m gon hit, aww shit

Niggaz knocking on the door drunk, and silly
The girl said, “Can I be in yo video”, I’m like, “Yeah, oh really?” (You should talk to Pearl, she live streamed our pool party via Periscope, its So Hot Right Now)

Yeah, let the party begin, bitch
Ching-a-ling Ling, all the way in St. Louis (except Kate’s from Chicago, but same thing)


I SWEAR I’M A REAL PERSON! You can follow the shenanigans below.


REAL LIFE –> shopping for dresses –> Papago Brewery –> flowers crowns


BODI for a pre-pool pump –> W Hotel –> cabanna –> smoke show guys –> tequila shots –> hotel party –> pita jungle –> dancing on tables at Maya –> bottled blonde –> bar karokee at Whiskey Row –> hotel party

After the show is the after party and after the party is the hotel lobby .. right R-Kelly?


Home and Travel show –> bike week –> Four Peaks Brewery –> OSHO with Rookie (is this not the best puppy name ever?!) –> El Hefe for 1 beergarita –> after party –> blow up mattress cuddle session (thank God Hulk Jen wasn’t here to pop this one)


Uber to El Hefe to get the car –> Walgreens to get SmartWater –> home –> work –> BODI

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