My favorite travel accessories and apps

Things to pack

  • Fold-able water bottle – because you never actually get enough water on an airplane
  • Luggage lock – seriously their so small there is no reason not to bring one #gypsies
  • Eye mask – makes sleeping on an airplane so much easier
  • Day pack – best daypack is the Lululemon Go Lightly backpack. It’s got a small side pocket for quickly accessing your phone, plus an internal important things pocket for your passport and credit cards. Most importantly it’s got a delegate bottom pocket for water bottles, snacks, dirty clothes, a raincoat or whatever you wanna store. And when traveling being prepared for multiple situations is key.
  • Carry on backpack – Osprey Porter 46L is the best travel backpack I’ve ever encountered. The clam shell makes picking a breeze and the quick pockets and interior pockets makes organizing and accessing important items easy.
  • Travel day outfit Pants – the absolute best travel pants are the Lululemon On the Fly woven pant. The fit is comfy casual but the crop bottom and draw string looks athleisure chic.
  • Shoes – airbirds, or maybe nike sneakers, all white of course. I also pack a pair of fuzzy socks that are designated “plane socks” for walking around. It’s basically the sock version of Sheldon’s bus pants. Top – sports bra, tank, and a converse chuck patch long sleeve… options and comfort.
  • Accessories – never leave home without your Lululemon Flow and Go scarf because planes are cold, and then they’re hot, and then they’re cold again. Also multi functional. Need a towel? Blanket? Pillow? Accessory? YES!


Apps to download

  • – absolutely a life saver. You have to download the city map to your phone but it’s an offline map that will help you get around. It even lists tourist attractions and bus stops, and can be used in walking or driving navigation mode.
  • Viator – this app is amazing for finding things to do. I’ve booked all kinds of tours using this app: day tours, bar crawls, cooking classes, etc. essentially it links up with the local tour companies and makes everything super easy for you
  • Airline app – because it’s the 21st century and no one uses paper anymore.
  • Lounge buddy – if you have airline lounge access you need this app, not only will it tell you where the lounges are located in the airport, its users also leave reviews and upload photos so you can see the food situation before hand.
  • CurrencyConverter – another offline app, which makes it great for traveling international. Also good to know how much you are paying for thing.
  • GoGoInFlight – just save yourself the trouble and download this before you leave, don’t be the person on the plane trying to read the magazine and download the app just to watch a movie. Which also leads me to…
  • Netflix – since you can now download movies and tv shows this is essential for a long flight, hellllllo entertainment.
  • Google translate – again you have to download the language book so you can use it offline, but definitely comes in handy when trying to communicate with locals when you don’t speak the language.
  • Expedia – there are so many travel companies out there: booking, kayak, orbits, and whatever else there is. Expedia owns like half of those companies and is honestly the best. Well is pretty good too but only for hotels. Might as well use Expedia for everything and rack up some serious reward points. Then upgrade your hotel, 5 stars baby.

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