Do’s and Dont’s of the Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon… it’s on every one’s bucket list, and finally I got to check it off mine. After experiencing this amazing place I’ve come up with a list of the Do’s and Dont’s of the Blue Lagoon. If you have long blonde hair you’re going to want to pay attention.



  • Book your ticket for an earlier time slot. The lagoon is empty is the morning when people are just starting to roll in and this will give you an opportunity to enjoy a little privacy and some space before the crowds.
  • Spend all day there. There is no time limit on your time spent in the lagoon. Take a dip, do a mud mask, eat lunch, take another dip, sit in the sauna and make the most of your experience.
  • Bring your own flip flops and towel to wear while you walk from the locker rooms to the lagoon (it’s Iceland, it’s cold duh). There are also towel racks and space to leave your flip flops 12 inches from the water, so it works.
  • Shower before getting into the lagoon, and lather your hair with conditioner. Actually, I believe the lagoon requires you to shower before. NAKED. WITH SOAP. It’s a thing, don’t be the person who ruins it for everyone.
  • Tie your hair up so it doesn’t get wet, the silica in the lagoon will leave your hair feeling extremely crunchy. Rock that top knot girl.
  • Bring a go pro or water proof case for your phone. There isn’t a place in the lagoon where you can “leave your phone sitting on the side” the way you can at a pool.
  • Enjoy a silicon mud mask. Silica is what settles on some of the rocks. The Blue Lagoon team collects this and makes it available in buckets at the mud bar. Silica is great for deep cleansing of the skin so don’t forget to try it. Heck, try two! I did!


  • Forget to book your tickets in advance online. They do not sell tickets at the door and the lagoon books out weeks in advance. In fact, when I tried to buy tickets at the door for a later available the time slot the gentleman told me they have free wifi and I can do it online. HOOOOOKAY.
  • Buy the premium packages. Trust me, standard is fine just being your own towel.
  • Buy anything in the blue lagoon shop. There is actually a blue lagoon shop at the KEF airport with better prices, hello duty free! Actually more on this later, but did you know Iceland offers a Tax Back program where you save your receipts and get the tax back at the airport? Super cool!
  • Loose your lagoon bracelet. They charge you an insane amount of money to replace this bracelet so make sure it’s secure on your wrist. You’ll use this bracelet to open your locker, purchase drinks, and then will have to scan it (and return it) to exit the turn style. It’s actually very high tech and very efficient.


Book your lagoon tickets here. Trust, you don’t want to just show up, this isn’t McDonalds, you won’t just get in.

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