Coffee Keg?

GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! Prepare to be MIND BLOWN. As a true betch I consume my body weight in iced coffee a day.

  • 8am: before work trenta iced coffee – IT’S NOT AN EXTRA LARGE
  • 10am: get to work and have a long and tall (I swear thats what it’s called) from the espresso machine, basically a double shot of espresso with water
  • 2pm – afternoon buzz, another trenta iced coffee – STILL NOT AN XL

Now of course there are a million ways to order your coffee: tall, iced, room for cream, or with that super sweet and extra fattening simple (but not really) syrup that Starbs uses. Don’t be fooled, there is only one rule you need to follow: BLACK. Now I know what you’re thinking – what about a latte? NO. a little bit of sugar? NO what about with skim milk? NO. soy milk? NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOTHING.

Here is the part where I’m going to blow your mind. Enter: The Coffee Keg


I get it, as a true betch you let other people brew your coffee for you and you don’t care about the process. But let me just simplify this for you. There is normal coffee brewing with hot water, and then there is cold press brewing where they use cold water but it takes FOREVER. Since you’re not sitting around waiting for the coffee to brew, who cares! Cold Press Coffee comes in a KEG and therefore we like it more. The best part is we now have one in my office. Basically that means that whenever I want an iced coffee (yes it comes black) I get up, walk no farther than 5ft to the kegerator, and pour myself a nice glass of iced coffee.

Our iced coffee is from Press Coffee Roasters and I’m literally obsessed! 


Side note: don’t I look really cute in my grunge outfit? can you tell I’m a 90s kid? Flannel and band tanks FTW!

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