BudLight Whatever, USA Part 1

In honor of the Superbowl I thought it’s perfect timing to throw it back to the BEST weekend of my entire life: Whatever, USA 2014. Now this story is rather long and I don’t have enough free time to write the whole thing all at once we’re going to have to break it up into parts to keep you all entertained.

So here is: the beginning of the most epic weekend of my entire life part 1.



Who remembers this commercial? Everyone. The answer should be E-VERY-ONE!

Well thanks to my boy Ian (see below, we’re friends), Bud Light created this amazing marketing campaign called the “Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens”.

I know I know, you’re wondering what up for whatever means. It means UP. FOR. FREAKING.WHATEVER. Can you really think of anyone better than me? No and in fact, Bud Light agrees. They selected 480 winners in the entire united states and one of those was ME! HOLY ISH!


Here’s how it started:

Wednesday 5pm: call from random number

Bailey: omg did you find Tilly? Please tell me you found her?

At this moment I was moving into a new house, carrying furniture and accidentally left the door open. Naturally I was crying because I thought Tilly had gone out the open door and was now missing.

Mayor: ummmm, NO, I don’t know what a Tilly is BUT are you up for whatever?!

Bailey: um sure, idk, can you call me later?

Mayor: we’ll email you!


Wednesday 5:10pm email 

Dear Bailey,

You are one the prettiest, and funnest princesses in all the land. Go pick one friend and join us in Whatever, USA.

Love, The Mayor of Whatever, USA


Karah: when?

Bailey: Friday.



Bailey to Boss: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me Friday off work, I’m going to Whatever, USA and going to drink so much Bud Light and have so much fun and it’s going to be the best weekend of my entire life please please please let me go.

Karah to Boss: I’ll wear an AZ Foothills shirt, it’ll be super chill.


Thursday 5pm

Email: your flight leaves tomorrow at 6am, be up for whatever


Friday 5am

Karah: where do you think we’re going?

Bailey: not sure, but I packed a swimsuit, sweater, heels, and sneakers just in case

Gate Agent: ladies you are headed for Denver, Colorado

Eventually we arrive in Denver and realize we are getting another plane headed for Whatever, USA, a real city, created by Bud Light.


So then we see the plane… and obviously take pictures by it.


When we get on the plane we’re greeted with a plethora of Bud Light beers #duh and a bunch of other kids, from all over the United States ready to head to Whatever, USA!


Once in CRESTED BUTTE COLORADO we were taken to a hotel and our weekend began.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Whatever, USA coming soon.

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