City Guide: Athens, Greece

While traveling for our honeymoon, my husband and I stopped in Athens and stayed for a few days: here is some of the things we did, places we ate and where we stayed. 


Hotel: Acropolis Stay

  • Great location, walkable distance to Acropolis and Temple of Zeus
  • Tons of cafes and restaurants right around the corner
  • Rooms are small, but they’re very clean and the staff is friendly


Take a Cooking Class at Diavlos Restaurant

  • This class was amazing! With it’s small class size and personal touch you really get the feel for the Greek cuisine. Best part: you mix all the food, but don’t have to worry about cooking it! The Chef’s do that for you in the kitchen. We made a 7 course traditional Easter meal including lamb, greek salad (duh!), and dessert. After we were finished we grabbed a table at the restaurant near the stage where a band and dancers were performing. We were served wine, and started working our way through each course. It was an amazing experience!
  • Book here:


Dessert: Hans & Gretel

  • After spending time at the Christmas Markets in Budapest, we became obsessed with chimney cakes. One night we stumbled across this sweet shop that had tons of self serve bulk candy, as well as chimney cakes with ice cream!


Dinner: Regal

  • My husband loved this place! Why?  They served chicken nuggets. After weeks of traveling sometimes you just want a taste of home and this place was great for that. Fun drinks, and they had a variety of pizza, burgers, and chicken nuggets.

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