Midwest raised, desert dweller. 

Whole30 eater. 

Part of the champagne gang. 

Coffee connoisseur. 

Monday through Friday 9 to 5 er. 

Citizen of the world. 


I've always been a busy bee, in fact for a minute I thought about naming this blog The Busy B (as in Bailey, duh). I then thought about going down the route of in-between (or inBtween) because I truly believe there is so much life to be lived in-between work and responsibilities. Either way, I'm glad your here. 

This website will grow as I grow. What started as a babbling blog about boys and booze has grown to include travel guides, business adventures and most recently BRIDE tips... I'm ENGAGED yall!

What is next? Well maybe babies. Hopefully babies. Buying a new house. Renting my current house. Starting a business. All of which are things are on my to do list. But what I do know, is that everything I do will be right here.

- B

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