Midwest raised, desert dweller. 

Whole30 eater. 

Part of the champagne gang. 

Coffee connoisseur. 

Monday through Friday 9 to 5 er. 

Citizen of the world. 


I've always been a busy bee, in fact for a minute I thought about naming this blog The Busy B (as in Bailey, duh). I then thought about going down the route of in-between (or inBtween) because I truly believe there is so much life to be lived in-between work and responsibilities. Either way, I'm glad your here. 

This website will grow as I grow. What started as a babbling blog about boys and booze has grown to include travel guides, business adventures and most recently BRIDE tips! 

What is next? Well maybe babies. Hopefully babies. Buying a new house. Starting a business. All of which are things are on my to do list. But what I do know, is that everything I do will be right here.

- B

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